Network map Zummer ltd
20 000

Network, built and operated by LLC “Zummer”, has a length of over 20000 km bandwidth up to 8 Tbit/s.

The company participates in many special Federal programs and projects, such as “Electronic Russia 2002-2010”, “Electronic Government”, “Eliminate digital inequality”.

LLC “Zummer” included in the Russian Business Anti-Corruption Charter Registry since 7 November 2014.

Internet beyond the Arctic circle

The company is the only main provider beyond the Arctic circle in the Tyumen region.

Fiber-optic communication lines were carried out only in October 2013 due to difficult climatic conditions, geographical remoteness and undeveloped infrastructure.

Instead of the flag, the Internet pioneers installed an Internet camera behind the Arctic circle in Yamburg.

Look at the Yamburg online.

The data center of the company

Own data center

  • 18 server cabinets 45G
  • Two independent inputs 380V
  • The UPS “On-Line” 80кВА with N+1 redundancy
  • Diesel generator set
  • Raised floor with cable channel system
  • N+1 redundant split system

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